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Hotels in St. Petersburg

Hotels in St. Petersburg

OPTIMA Tours offers you accommodation in St.Petersburg hotels. You can reserve hotels, located both in the centre and in outer parts of St. Petersburg. We offer hotels in St. Petersburg hotels of different levels - from 5 - star hotels to tourist class hotels. All hotels have their attractive peculiarities: such St. Petersburg hotels as "Okhtinskaya" and "Saint Petersburg" are situated on the bank of the Neva river, "Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya" - on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, other St. Petersburg hotels - "Astoria", "Angleterre", "Corinthia Nevsky Palace" and "Europe" - at the very centre of the city, "Oktyabrskaya" - a few steps away from the Moscow railway station. You can look through the rooms and choose the hotel on our site.

St. Petersburg Hotels Search

We will select and reserve any hotels in St. Petersburg for you, according to your request and means. You can reserve hotels in St. Petersburg at the "Reservations" section or right from the pages of hotels in St. Petersburg . Be careful when you start making hotel reservation, look through the whole list of St. Petersburg hotels to choose the most appropriate.
Before you start reserving a hotel in St. Petersburg, please, read carefully reservation terms and conditions. From 3-star hotels we would advise you to pay special attention to St. Petersburg hotel "Okhtinskaya-Victoria". It is one of the best 3-star hotels of St. Petersburg, but having much lower price than hotels of such level more...

Phone in St. Petersburg:
+7 (812)-309-5760
+7 (812)-233-8283

Phone in Saint Petersburg:
+7 (812)-309-5760
+7 (812)-233-8283
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