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We offer you pleasing tours to St. Petersburg with hotel accommodation at the best St.Petersburg hotels such as the Corinthia Nevsky Palace or the Okhtinskaya Hotel, and conducted tours of St. Petersburg and its suburbs. A professional guide will accompany you during these tours and show you all the beauty of the city. We also offer cruises that will help you discover real Russia with its magnificent ancient cities, monasteries and cathedrals. Please find the complete list of our tours below.

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St. Petersburg Tours

We offer you a fascinating week in St. Petersburg, the "Venice of the North" as St. Petersburg is often called.
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Tuesday(please request any date)

A great chance to spend five magnificent days in one of Russia's most lovely cities - St. Petersburg.
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St. Petersburg
Friday (please request any date)

If you want to spend a completely uncommon weekend, visit St. Petersburg.
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St. Petersburg
Friday (please request any date)

Incredible opportunity to visit Russia's most splendid cities, its two historical capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg.
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Moscow, St. Petersburg
Friday (please request any date)
Custom tours to St. Petersburg
You can create your own tour of St. Petersburg, deciding when to depart, what to see and what to do. Custom-made tours are a good opportunity to discover Russia the way you want.
St. Petersburg
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Besides, you can visit theatres, circus and the zoo. Bars, cafes, night clubs of the city welcome you. Let us know your wishes and we'll do our best to make your dreams come true.

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