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Theaters in St. Petersburg
Mariinsky Theater
Address: Teatralnaya Square, 1
The Mariinsky Theater, named in honor of Maria Fedorovna, the wife of Emperor Alexander II, was built by architect Cavos in 1859-1860. The building was constructed on Teatralnaya Square, and since then the square was recognized as the center of the cultural life of Saint Petersburg. The hall of the Mariinsky Theater is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is decorated with splendid three-circled chandelier and vivid plafond, designed by master Frachioli, famous curtain by Alexander Golovin, and gilded decorations and statues.

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Hermitage Theater
Address: Dvortsovaya Embankment, 34
The Hermitage Theater, the oldest building of the Winter Palace Complex, was built on the site of the former Winter Palace of Peter I in 1711-1723. The theater itself was built later - in 1783-85 to the design by Gakomo Quarenghi and finished in 1802. The theater building is connected with the main palace by an arch over "Zimniaya Kanavka", the canal between the Moika River and the Neva River. The facade and hall decoration of the Hermitage Theater is unique and represents a classical masterpiece of palace architecture of the XVIII-th century.
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Nikolaevsky Palace
Address: Truda (Labour) Sq.,4
The walls of the carefully restored Nikolaevsky Palace that was constructed in 1861 by famous architect Andrey Stakenshneider for Emperor Nikolay I's son Grand Duke Nikolay preserve the memory of the more than century city's history. Its lavishly decorated halls have witnessed the daily life of the Grand Duke's family as well as the meetings and celebrations of the Soviet authorities. Nowadays the Nikolayevsky Palace regularly plays venue for the bright folklore shows comprised of the best folk companies' performances and held in the Concert Hall (the former ballroom) of the Palace.
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Mikhailovsky Theater
Address: Iskusstv Square, 1
Not long ago this theater was called St. Petersburg Mussorgsky State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. However, its original name was Mikhailovsky, in honor of Emperor Nicolas I's brother. The permanent troupe of actors appeared only after the Social Revolution. That's when the theater got its own style and aesthetic credo. The theater attracted the audience with its unusual performances, as its actors were always searching for the new ways of performing. On the stage of the theater premieres of the operas by Prokofiev and Shostakovich took place. Famous Meyerhold staged several performances.

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