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Moscow - St. Petersburg Tour 8 days/7 nights
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Moscow - St. Petersburg Tour 8 days/7 nights

We offer you a unique opportunity to visit Russia's two largest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. This fascinating, week long-tour will take you to the historic Russian capitals that have always played the most important part in the country's history. You will enjoy such landmarks as the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow, the Winter Palace and the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg.
Our amazing package includes a panoramic tour of the main highlights of each city to help you get oriented.
In Moscow:have a look at the Moscow Kremlin with its beautiful cathedrals that store invaluable treasurers including state regalia and ancient icons. The Kremlin's most known temple is the Uspensky Cathedral that features one of the largest collections of Russian icons in the world. On next day we are glad to offer you a guided tour of the Tretiakov Gallery, which is the largest museum of Russian art in the world. The gallery features a unique collection of Russian icons, paintings, and sculptures - more than 130,000 items.
In St.Petersburg: the guided tour of the Hermitage Museum will be one of the most fascinating experiences during your stay in St. Petersburg, because the Hermitage, with over 3 million exhibits, is one of the greatest museums in the world. And of coarse,you will have an exciting tour of Pushkin, formely known as Tsarskoe Selo ("tsar's village"), includes visiting the famous Catherine Palace and Park. You will see the palatial rooms, opulent interiors of which will stir your imagination. A visit to the Amber Room, a real gem of art, is a must.
Then, explore on your own, or take advantage of our specially-priced optional tours packages to see some of the most famous sights.


Arrival to Moscow
Panoramic Tour of Moscow
Transportation to the hotel and check-in
Free time
Guided tour to Kremlin and Cathedrals
Free time
Free time
Overnight trip to St. Petersburg
Guided tour to Tretiakov Gallery
Free time
Arrival to Saint Petersburg
Panoramic tour of St. Petersburg
Transportation to the hotel and check-in
Guided tour of the Hermitage
Free time
Depart St. Petersburg


Pushkin, a small town and one of the most picturesque suburbs of Saint Petersburg is situated 24 km to the south from the Northern capital. Before the October Revolution it was the main summer residence of Russian emperors. Till 1918 the town was called Tsarskoye Selo (literary - "tsar's village"), then it was renamed Detskoye Selo ("children's village"), and since 1937 it bears the name of great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

Hermitage Museum
The Hermitage holds one of the finest art collections in the world that presents the development of the world culture and art from the Stone Age to the 20th century. The State Hermitage Museum is housed in five magnificent buildings created by famous architects in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Red Square
Red Square, the first stop for any visitor to the capital of Russia, is one of the most impressive places in Moscow. The Moscow Kremlin occupies a central part in the architectural ensemble of Red Square. State regalia, invaluable icons, and treasures of Russian tsars are all stored in the Kremlin chambers and cathedrals.

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