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Matisov Domik Hotel ****

Hotel Matisov Domik
Address: Pryajka River Emb., 3/1
Matisov Domik is a small and cosy hotel, comprising 32 rooms, situated in the historical heart of the city, within ten minutes walking distance from the Mariinsky Theater.
The hotel is bearing the same name as the island on which it is located. At the times of Peter I, there were mills on the island as were belonging to a miller, Matis by name. For services rendered to Russia during the Northern War, Matis was granted with a charter of immunity for the island, which, since that, had assumed his name.
The hotel was established in 1993, and comprised only 7 rooms. Later on, it expanded, rooms of various categories were equipped and furnished (single rooms, double rooms, suites). Nowadays, Matisov Domik is a three star hotel, yet, our permanent clients are much more appreciative of cosy and comfortable atmosphere, cleanliness and order, remoteness from noisy roads, personnel care and attention, and completeness of the European level of service with moderate prices maintained.



All rooms are fully furnished, provided wiyh sattelite TV, refrigerator, telephone and en-suite bathrooms with shower. Suites have, besides, fully furnished kitchen, bedroom and study room.

Hotel Matisov Domik Hotel Matisov Domik Hotel Matisov Domik


  • Business centre
  • Dry-cleaner`s
  • Ironing
  • Laundry
  • Parking lot
  • Safe deposit
  • Sauna
  • Translator`s services

  • Phone in St. Petersburg:
    +7 (812)-309-5760
    +7 (812)-233-8283

    Phone in Saint Petersburg:
    +7 (812)-309-5760
    +7 (812)-233-8283

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