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Software in St. Petersburg
  • "eVelopers"

  • eVelopers™ is a design and build complex, which offers web and wireless solutions for companies. Applying supreme technical talent and delivering high-impact solutions in record time, eVelopers help companies accelerate eBusiness opportunities and expand competitiveness.
          Address: 14, Bolshaya Raznochinnaya st. Korpus 5 | Phone: +7(812) 324-32-11
  • Bee Pitron

  • Russian-Irish Joint Venture Bee Pitron was founded in 1992 as supplier of advanced engineering solutions and products for various branches of industry in Russia and countries of the former USSR.
          Address:Vilenskiy pereulok, 4 | Phone: +7(812) 272-1666
  • VideoTesT

  • Our business activity is focused on integration of PC-based VideoTesT Image Analysis Systems, development of image analysis software, and implementation of the image analysis methods in the Life Sciences, Medicine, Material Sciences, and Manufacturing.
          Address: 190000 St.Petersburg, P.O. Box 356 | Phone: +7(812) 314-81-00
  • Jensen Technologies

  • Jensen Technologies is a creative, ambitious offshore programming company that offers expertise in remote software application and product development. Jensen Technologies is headquartered in San Francisco, California with an international office in St. Petersburg, Russia. We specialize in custom design and development of systems to client specifications.
          Address: 10 Canal Griboedova Suite 16 | Phone: +7(812) 103-55-85
  • Digiton

  • Complexes of automatic radio broadcasting which embraces all technological levels. Professional multi-channel sound cards for automatic radio broadcasting stations. Systems of air programming. Corporate offers for advertisment department managment and advertisment and informational facilities on radio and TV.
          Address: Institutsky pr., 7. | Phone: +7(812) 550-17-28
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