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Internet Services in St. Petersburg
  • "Ilca"

  • Here we would like to introduce to you our staff. All the people we tell you shortly about are professionals in their fields and willing to serve you. Our company has successfully presented in the IT market for 12 years but the ISP branch just for a year so ILCA ISP is rather young. Although (or perhaps because of that) we do our best to provide only the highest quality services.
          Address: 70 Bolshoi pr V.O. | Phone: +7(812) 322-2242
  • Web Plus

  • Ever since we started in 1996, we have combined the best in management skills and a desire to be the first to offer our customers the latest in technology. It seems to be logical, since Web Plus was founded by highly reputable companies: St. Petersburg's Telecominvest Holding and the Luxembourg-based investment company Complus Holding.
          Address: Kolomenskaya st., 29, 4th floor | Phone: +7(812) 326-90-21
  • Dux Ltd

  • Dux Ltd is an ISP operating in St. Petersburg region. The main activity of the company is the development of up-to-date information telecommunication technologies and their distribution in the regional (North-Western Russia), Russian and the World's markets.
          Address: Chernikovskogo st., 33 | Phone: +7(812) 164-67-85
  • PeterLink

  • PeterLink J.S.C. works on St. Petersburg market since 1991, i.e. since the time when Internet/Relcom network appeared in Russia. PeterLink's stock is owned by private persons - citizens of the Russian Federation.
          Address: 19 Karpovki emb. | Phone: +7(812) 327-53-43
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