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Graphics & Design in St. Petersburg
  • "InterAction"

  • InterAction Marketing" agency provides modern and flexible approaches to following services: computer design and Internet-marketing, advertising and corporate design, BTL projects, Sales-Promotion campaigns and merchandizing, media planning and PR, organization of corporate events.
          Address: 14 linia V.O, 31\33 | Phone: +7(812) 323-83-94
  • ABS & Advertising Processors

  • Design-studio "ABS & Advertising Processors" gives a various spectrum of services: polygraphic and design projects, mediaplanning and advertising campaigns organization, all kinds of business souvenirs production, the outdoor advertising developements and outplacement, the Public Relations campaigns organization. Our design-studio constantly keeps in touch with conducting St. Petersburg cultural - entertaining centres, catering companies, radio stations and TV channels, advertising and news agencies
          Address: 4 Lahtinskaya Ulitsa, office 20 | Phone: +7(812) 233-37-02
  • ArtLaser-Group

  • ArtLaser-Group the design-studio of the new type. Our studio is the specialist on designing and manufacture of the gifts and souvenirs. Our design-studio uses the new elements for interior design and new principle of the light design with use the most latest scientifically based technologies (in the first place laser technology) . ArtLaser-Group is the expert in the design of the three-dimensional scenes and object (the holography, laser graphics in optical glass, other spatial light effects).
          Address: +++++ | Phone: +7(812) 310-36-60
  • BusinesslnfoTec.

  • Our efforts are focused on the IT development and their implementation in different spheres of business activities. We provide for our customers a wide range of consulting and expertise services and guarantee a complex solution of Internet based and programming related projects.
          Address: Ispitatelei prospect, 20 | Phone: +7(812) 950-04-68
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