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Computer Repair in St. Petersburg
  • "V-REAL"

  • V-REAL is a leading and fast growing holding company which offers a broad range of IT services. It specializes in providing systems integration, networking and data communication, and custom software development, as well as enhanced value added capabilities. Founded in 1993, V-REAL is the St. Petersburg-based company that provides cutting-edge IT solutions for business and government agencies throughout Northwest Russia.
          Address: 7 Pirogova bystreet, office 5 | Phone: +7(812) 314-82-88
  • Scorpion

  • Just from one visit of our headquarters you can get all you need for your house and office from copy technics, faxes to computers and equipment. We also carry repair services and computer upgrade.
          Address: 12 Krasnoarmeyskaa 2 | Phone: +7(812) 320-71-60
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