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Fur & Leather in St. Petersburg
  • Fur Company "LENA"

  • The basic directions of firm activity: Manufacturing of fur products. Wholesale and retail trade of finished products. Sale of fur raw material and half-finished products. Services concerning custom design, cleaning, restoration and storage of fur products.
          Adress: Nevskiy pr., 50 | Phone +7 (812) 312-32-34
  • "Mantia"

  • an interactive billboard of St. Petersburg presents theatres, concert halls, museums y galleries, exhibitions, lections, seminars, festivals, premieres, concert turs.
          Address: Sredniy pr. V.O., 28 | Phone +7 (812) 323-16-66
  • "Irina Tantsurina"

  • Natural fur and leather are Irina's preferences in fashion design. The most of her professional interest covers also the work out of new fur and leather technologies. Graduated Moscow Technological Institute as female fashion designer Irina had worked for the largest Russian fur manufacturing companies in Volgograd and Saint Petersburg until she created her own designer brand.
          Address: Bolshaya Morskaya st., 16 | Phone +7 (812) 325-99-76
  • "Furor"

  • Our company Furor is one of the largest suppliers of leather and fur of sea animals in Saint Petersburg. Since 1994 we are engaged in deliveries of qualitative raw material to the Russian manufacturers. We build the work according to inquiries, requirements and financial opportunities of our customers. It is no wonder therefore that the majority of our clients become our constant partners. Many well-known fashion designers create their new collections of clothes of leather and fur. Our partners are various studios and workshops which offer to their clients a wide spectrum of models from natural materials, warming not only body, but soul as well. The huge choice of fur and leather of various colors and for any taste gives the wide space for imagination.
          Address: Tavricheskaya st., 19 | Phone +7 (812) 271-02-89
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