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Clothing in St. Petersburg
  • "BALTMAN Company"

  • BALTMAN Company, Ekaterinburg, has been successfully operating in the market of men's and ladies clothes for more than 6 years. The company is one of the biggest suppliers in the Urals-Siberian Region with average annual turnover about 3.6 mln US dollars (1998). For this period an extensive retail and wholesale network has been created which is still under the process of development. In the organizational structure of the company there is a retail group, a wholesale group and a marketing group which monitor these directions. The retail group is headed by the Retail Director and consists of Marketing manager, store managers and consulting shop assistants.
          Engelsa pr., 29/1 | Phone +7 (812) 326-61-79

  • McGregor Fashion Group N.V., established in 1993, is a European fashion house aiming at the development, purchase, distribution and sales of mens-, womens- and junior designer's clothing in the higher end of the market.
          Address: Bolshoy pr., 64 | Phone +7 (812) 232-29-81
  • "Damla"

  • Warm clothes that were created specially for rough Russian winters.
          Address: Liteyniy pr., 43 | Phone +7 (812) 272-35-18
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