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Legal Services in St. Petersburg
  • "REIM Group"

  • The mission of REIM Group is to provide our clients with the utmost in customer service in a professional and ethical manner by combining our many years of experience in the practice of law, real estate marketing and property management, accounting, and financial and business management with our local expertise regarding the special challenges presented by the markets in Finland, Russia, and the Baltic States.
          Adress: Nab. Reki Moiki, 11 | Phone +7 (812) 320-48-94
  • "Mannheimer Swartling"

  • Mannheimer Swartling is one of Sweden's largest law firms, and is also by international standards a law firm of significant size. Considerable resources are required to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of our clients for cutting-edge legal skills and business strategy competence - resources that are not easily found in a small firm.
          Address: Molaya Konushenaya, 1/3-a | Phone: +7 (812) 329-25-05
  • "AKTA"

  • For more than 6 years «AKTA» law firm has been providing its clients with a wide variety of services, including occasional consultations, representation of clients’ interests in the court, etc. Our experts specialize in different branches of law, from customs regulations to tax legislation. We like to help our clients in every way possible and hope you will not hesitate to contact us whenever we can be of service.
          Address: 217 Obvodniy kanal emb. office #5 | Phone: +7 (812) 251-78-04
  • "Baker & McKenzie"

  • We have been providing local law services in key locations for over 50 years, combining global best practice with efficient cross-border collaboration.
          Address: Bolshaya Morskaya st., 57 | Phone:+7 (812) 325-83-08
  • "DS Express, INC"

  • Registration of Russian and off-shore banks, trusts, insurance companies, holdings, financial firms, non-profit organizations and foundations. Purchasing, tailoring, mergers of off-shore and Russian banks and financial institutions. Bank, insurance and other types of licenses for foreign companies. Individual approach to our clients' needs. Consultancy on legal aspects and tax planning schemes according to clients' specific requirements and activities. Marketing and information research based on clients' requirements.
          Address: 217 Obvodniy kanal emb. office #5 | Phone: +7 (812) 320-66-09
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