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Advertising Agencies in St. Petersburg
  • S'Top Agency

  • After seven years in business, S'Top is now one of the leading advertising and PR agencies in St. Petersburg. The agency has the facilities to bring creative ideas - no matter how complicated - to fruition.
          Address: Ligovsky pr., 78b | Phone: +7(812) 325-94-78
  • KONSAL Advertising

  • Field of this company is production of the advertising and trading equipment, and also the support of your production- in supermarkets, at presentations and shops. For already 5 years the company "Konsal Advertisement" has collaborated with the first-rate producers in Russia and abroad.
          Address: Mozhaiskaya str., 40 | Phone: +7(812) 327-96-07
  • Prestige

  • All types of corporate advertising products.
          Address: Kurliandskaya St., 37 | Phone: +7(812) 327-58-82
  • Russcanl

  • Our company specializes in outdoor billboard advertising on the motorway «Scandinavia», which is part of the international motorway «Oslo - Stockholm - Helsinki - Vyborg - St. Petersburg - Moscow».
          Address: Moskovsky pr., 98 | Phone: +7(812) 327-26-75
  • Paritet

  • Advertising agency located in a very center of the city.
          Address: Nevsky pr.,106| Phone: +7(812) 279-00-06
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