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Night clubs in St. Petersburg
  • "Metro"

  • Friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Modern design in Fabriñ style, three dance floors. Russian pop and Euro dance music.
          Address: Ligovsky pr. 174 | Phone: +7 (812) 166-02-10
  • Par. SPb

  • Not only the night club that puts out most progressive events in DJ's electronic and live music but also international cultural center. Organizes music shows, perfomances, presentations, press-conferences, exhibitions.
          Address: Aleksandrovskiy Park, 5 V | Phone: +7 (812) 233-33-74
  • Holliwood Nites

  • Ñonviniently located in aristocratic part of the city in Nevsky Prospect "Hollywood Nites" is a big entertainment complex which combines one of the most famous city's nightclubs with a finest restaurant and casino. The atmosphere of fun and excitement is there all night long.
          Address: Nevskiy pr., 46 | Phone: +7(812) 311-60-77
  • Aquatoria

  • This is one of the most fashionable and prestigeous entertainment places in Saint Petersburg. Aquatoria is located in a building of the business center with a same name and features: bowling, casino, discoteque and restaurant.
          Address: Nevsky Pr., 46 | Phone: +7(812) 311- 60- 77
  • Moloko

  • Most musicians are representatives of Saint Petersburg's alternative music scene, well known artists and young groups play there. Really the best undeground live club in the city. The Club owes its name (which means milk in Russian) to a metal signboard of the 60s thrown out as unnecessary by the nearest dairy shop. It has found a new place of honour - above a stage of the club.
          Address: Perekypnoy per., 12 | Phone: +7 (812) 274-94-67
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