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Beer, Wine & Liquor in St. Petersburg
  • "Liviz"

  • One of the biggest Russian manufacturers of liquor and vodka in Saint Petersburg.
          Address: Moscow pr.,124 |Phone: +7 (812) 388-78-94
  • JSC "Dieta"

  • Dieta-18 was established in 1993, the kernel of the future company was originally a commercial food store # 18, which was a former member of state network Lendiettorg/ The body of the shop founded the JSC and created the structure which provided development for other subdivisions of the company. About 1000 people presently work in Dieta-18.
          Address:51, Gorohovaya st. | Phone: +7 (812) 301-91-84
  • Swarog

  • "Swarog" - wine company and one of the leading distributors of high-quality alcohol beverages, leader on the Russian North-West alcohol market.
          Address: Kujbysheva st.,24 | Phone: +7 (812) 230-85-83
  • Sparkling wine

  • "Sparkling wine " is one of the oldest active factories of Saint Petersburg, which produces alcoholic beverages. From 1876 it brings to it's client exellent taste and quality of drinks, each of those has it's own technology and history.
          Address: Lesnoy pr., 37 | Phone: +7 (812) 245-3672
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