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Russian Kitsch

Address Universitetskaya Emb., 25
Phone +7-812-3251122
Types of Cuisine International
Metro Station Vasileostrovskaya
Locations Zoo, Menshikov Palace
Average Bill 20-30 USD

On Vasilievsky Island, on one of the oldest embankment of Saint Petersburg, there is a unique restaurant, called by its owners "cafe of the period of transition" that has fulfilled the aesthetics of the new epoch. The basis of such cultural event as Russian Kitch, that is not only the style of the restaurant's interior, but also its name, is patriotism, combined with humor and irony. There nothing is treated seriously. Even in the fact that the restaurant is situated near the Fine Arts Academy, quite a classic establishment, famous for its traditionalism, one can feel a sort of irony.
The restaurant's interior recreates a typical flat of the so-called "New Russians". The decoration combines luxury with self-mockery - green marble, pompous gilded garlands of flowers, hand painted murals on the ceilings, luxury sofas, and the busts of Moors. Epic canvases, decorating the wall, like "Russians Conquer Guadeloupe" or "African Teenagers Spy on Russian Female Tractor Drivers" are in the same stylistics. The interior masterfully parodies the tastes of "New Russians", as a rule delighted with opulence and luxury. Whereas the aesthetic value of the restaurant is quite a controversial topic, one thing is for sure: you'll feel completely free and relaxed in this atmosphere of lavishness. There is no stiffness typical of luxurious classical restaurants and you can simply forget about the complicated rules of the etiquette. Leave tuxedos and ties at home.
The restaurant features six halls, two glass galleries and a dancing hall. Each hall is unique and reflects some aspect of Russian immediate past. For example, there is a hall with a romantic name Hall of Kisses. It was called so because of the plafond, depicting Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev locked in the arms of Fidel Castro.
The menu of the restaurant corresponds to its conception - combine non-compatible and treat everything with irony. Here the chef feels free to experiment. To start with, the menu itself is stitched into the complete set of works of Vladimir Lenin. Red and black caviar with blini (Russian pancakes), fresh oysters, served with mandarin sauce, deep-fried pelmeni served with crab meat and coconut sauce, shashlik from royal prawns with Pene and Pesto sauce, home smoked trout served with carrot confiture and an orange cream are some dishes of the exclusive menu. But there are also common dishes like herring slightly pickled in pistachio, dear to all Russians Kiev cutlets and famous borsch with sour cream. On the whole, everyone can choose something to his preferences.

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