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Address Nevsky Pr., 47
Phone +7-812-1401820
Types of Cuisine Russian, European, Seafood, French
Metro Station Mayakovskaya
Locations Nevsky Prospect, Beloselskikh-Belozerskikh Palace
Average Bill 70-100 USD

The Palkin Restaurant is one of the most fashionable places in Saint Petersburg. Opened in 2002 after a long interruption, the restaurant boasts a long history and formed traditions. The Palkin Restaurant, founded by the merchant Anisim Palkin in 1785, was a favorite place of such outstanding persons as Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Alexander Block and many others. The name of the restaurant was often mentioned in the letters of well-known musicians and artists, and even in some literature works.
To restore the famous "bohemian" atmosphere of the Palkin Restaurant, the luxurious interiors of the venue were updated, and the receipts of delicious dishes that used to be on the tables on the days of Russian Emperors' coronations were discovered in the archives. One can try those royal dishes today in the Palkin Restaurant. The menu features such delicacies as lobsters' necks with avocado and black caviar, sterlet with white wine, rabbit stewed in sour cream and - any time of the year- fresh strawberry. In the luxurious Palkin Restaurant you will be offered rare sorts of cognac, wine, and vodka.
The guests of the Palkin Restaurant are entertained by a special program the visitors with the finest taste will appreciate. Each evening in the restaurant one can listen to live classical music, romances, jazz or touching Gypsy songs.
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