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Real Estate Agents in St. Petersburg
  • "RBI - Luxury real estate"

  • RBI Holding (Real Estate, Banking, Investments) has been successfully operating in St. Petersburg since 1993. It has become a leader in the elite housing market and is ranked among five top companies in the market of prefabricated construction in St. Petersburg. "The House on the Neva" from RBI has become a standard of elite housing construction in St. Petersburg at the turn of the century.
          Adress: 40 Shpalernaya Ul. | Phone +7 (812) 275-87-44
  • "Darco"

  • Buying, selling and exchanging apartments and rooms, apartments rental; commercial real estate: buying selling and rental; country houses;apartments in new houses.
          Address: Ryleeva st., 14 | Phone: +7 (812) 430-54-56
  • "Dom Safonova"

  • Rooms and apartments rental, commercial real estate, rooms and apartments in new houses.
          Address: Nevskiy pr., 8 | Phone:+7 (812) 325-80-08
  • "Zevs"

  • Company "Zevs" specializes on the deals with the commercial real estate and investment projects. There are the objects for sale or rent at the site at present, brief information about the company, and also free of charge consultation on the questions of commercial real estate.
          Address: Liteyniy pr., 55 | Phone: +7 (812) 272-98-06
  • "ITAKA"

  • ITAKA is one of the leaders on the St. Petersburg real-estate market. We can offer to our clients all the services in the sphere of real estate (See SERVICES). Since 1993 ITAKA company has been successfully engaged in real-estate operations in the region. Now there are in St. Petersburg 11 district branches with more than 700 people employed as licensed estate agents.
          Address: Bolsoy pr. V.O., 36 | Phone: +7 (812) 327-98-02
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