in St.Petersburg:
Russian Museum
Cathedral of our Lady Kazan
Saint Isaac's Cathedral
Church Of Christ's Resurrection
Smolny Ensamble
Nikolskiy Naval Cathedral
Peter and Paul Fortress
Summer Gardens
Alexander Nevsky Lavra

Attractions in St. Petersburg
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Situated in the centre of Saint Petersburg the State Hermitage Museum is housed in five magnificent buildings created by celebrated architects of the 18th to 19th century.
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The State Russian Museum is the world's largest museum of Russian art. The museum is housed in four palaces located in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg.
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The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan is an outstanding example of the early 19th-century Russian architecture. It was erected on the site of a small stone church to hold the ancient icon of Our Lady of Kazan, and was named after it.
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St.Isaac's Cathedral is a remarkable monument of Russian architecture. This grand structure filled up the space of the Senate Square, and created a new square as well. Alongside with the Peter and Paul's Cathedral and the Admiralty it became an important architectural landmark in the city outline.

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From the Kazansky bridge, in Griboyedov Canal perspective the Church of Christ's Resurrection (Usually called The Savior on Blood) can be seen. It was put up to commemorate the tsar-martyr on the site where on March 1, 1881, I.Grinevitsky, a member of the People's Will society, mortally wounded Emperor Alexander II.

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The Main Admiralty building is an outstanding sample of Russian and world architecture, a major achievement of the early classical art. The Admiralty is the architectural and compositional center of St. Petersburg.Three main thoroughfares of the city converge here...
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The Smolny ensemble includes a number of structures put up at different times. This territory on the Neva bank, opposite the Nienschanz Fortress put up by the Swedes in the 17th century, was allotted for the tar-yard (Smolianoi dvor).
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Nikolskiy Naval Cathedral is the masterpiece that combines baroque style with elements of traditional Russian architecture. It was built under project of architect S. Tchevakinskiy on the place of navy parade ground.
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The Peter and Paul Fortress is architectural and historical center of Saint Petersburg. The fortress was designed to protect the Neva lands that were won from the Swedes during the Northern War (1700 - 21).
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The Summer Gardens are almost as old as the city. It might date back to the early 1704, when on the order of Peter I they started to bring saplings of various trees, flower seeds, marble statues, columns, etc. to Petersburg from all parts of Russia and Europe.
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Alexander Nevsky Lavra ensemble is located at the end of Nevsky Prospekt, between Alexander Nevsky Square and the Obvodny Canal, at the confluence of the Monastyrka and Neva rivers; it is considered to be one of the largest architectural ensembles in St. Petersburg.
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