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Wedding Service in St. Petersburg
  • "Ananov SPb"

  • Andrei Ananov is the most famous contemporary jeweler in Russia. More than this, he is a social phenomenon, symbolizing our life in recent decades; he could almost be the hero of a work of fiction - his biography incorporates experience of theatrical direction and underground jewellery work, and in his character one can sense both the drive of a young capitalist and the confidence of New Russian affluence.
          Adress: Nevskiy pr., 31 | Phone +7 (812) 110-55-92
  • "RUTA Company"

  • When placing orders please address to the representation nearest to you over the telephone channels specially allocated for orders. The list of phones, faxes and e-mail addresses is given on separate page. If you address our company for the first time, please indicate your company's name and name of the contact person authorized to place orders. Our faxes, computers work round the clock. Please make sure that you have given your address and telephones in your application.
          Address: Chepaeva st., 25 | Phone: +7 (812) 233-44-39
  • "Russin Gold"

  • "Russian Gold" was founded with a purpose to create a standard for Saint Petersburg and Russian jewellery trade. The approach to maimum result and exellence can be seen everywhere.
          Address: Engelsa pr., 111 | Phone: +7 (812) 510-56-76
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