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Auto Repair in St. Petersburg
  • "GoodWill"

  • Our company has experience of work on repair of trucks (International and Freightliner of all models), and also American trailers. We offer all kinds of services on repair, including repair of the engine, transmission and others. Our assortment of spare parts and materials in a warehouse and also presence of the necessary equipment will help you in the shortest terms to deduce the vehicle on a line.
          Address: 1, Novaya Prorezka st.| Phone:+7 (812) 470-17-65
  • "VIMA"

  • Repair services in Saint Petersburg.
          Address: Karbisheva st.,29a | Phone:+7 (812) 247-54-24
  • "Vostok AVTO"

  • Different types of services on repair.
          Address: Buhareskaya st., 1 | Phone:+7 (812) 326-57-41
  • "Garant"

  • High quality professionals will try to satisfy all your needs on car repair service.
          Address: Salova st.,61 | Phone:+7 (812) 166-67-89
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