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Insurance in St. Petersburg
  • "ScanMarineConsulting"

  • Marine Underwriting Agency "ScanMarineConsulting" has been established in 1997 in St. Petersburg as a Limited Liability Company in cooperation with Norwegian Marine Insurance& Reinsurance Broker company "Oslo Marine Consult AS", Olso, Norway.
          Address: Mezhevoi kanal, 5-A | Phone: +7 (812) 346-69-04
  • "Standard-Reserve"

  • Standard-Reserve, a closed joint-stock insurance company, has been already operating on the Russian market for over nine years (Registration Certificate No. 475.916 dated 04.06.1993). Standard-Reserve is a member of several professional and industry associations, such as the All-Russian Union of Insurers, Moscow Association of Insurers, Union of Insurers "Urals-Siberian Accord", Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and others.
          Address: Maliy pr., 87 | Phone: +7 (812) 232-76-66
  • "Center Broker"

  • This company i operating on the Russian market for about 6 years and is busy with rather new directions for Russia - insurance consulting and broker facilities.
          Address: Maloohtinskiy pr., 68 | Phone: +7 (812) 346-82-42
  • "Zurich Insurance Company"

  • The high level of service and the quality and flexibility in developing individual programs were greatly appreciated by corporate customers. During the first years of operations, Westrosso wrote a balanced portfolio and attracted corporate customers such as Rosvoorozenye, Aviaexport, Techmashimport, Prodintorg, Sovfrakht, Transaero and Menatep-Impex.
          Address: Tambovskaya st.,12 | Phone: +7 (812) 325-38-59
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