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Foreign Exchange & Traveller's Checks in St. Petersburg
  • "Baltiyskiy Bank"

  • Baltiyskiy Bank was founded in St. Petersburg in 1989. The efficient activities of all subdivisions of the bank let it enter the list of 50 biggest banks of Russia. Currently the subsidiary network of Baltiyskiy Bank includes 9 branches within Russia (Moscow, Murmansk, Pskov, Petrozavodsk, Kirishi, Bologoye, Volkhov, Novgorod, Vyborg) and 17 branches and agencies in St. Petersburg.
          Address: Sadovaya st., 34 | Phone: +7 (812) 325-85-85
  • "URALSIB Banking Group"

  • One of the largest banking groups in the Russian Federation, comprising over 280 operating offices and outlets in 65 localities. Headquarters are located in Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation.
          Address: Ingenernaya st., 9 | Phone: +7 (812) 326-42-18
  • Bank "MENATEP SPb"

  • MENATEP St. Petersburg is a joint stock bank registered with the Central Bank of Russia (November 27, 1995). MENATEP St. Petersburg holds a General Banking License issued by the Central Bank. MENATEP SPb. has always been a dynamic, growing banking institution. In 1997, it was the only St. Petersburg bank rated among Russia’s 50 most dynamic banks. MENATEP SPb. was also one of the first Russian banks to obtain a Central Bank license as a professional stock market-maker.
          Address: Nevskiy pr., 1 | Phone: +7 (812) 326-39-01
  • "Petersburg Social Commercial Bank"

  • The "Petersburg Social Commercial Bank " (PSCB) was founded in 1993, as one of the regional banks of the Russian Federation pension system. The bank holds Central Bank Banking License N 2551. Since 1994 the bank is servicing the needs of the St.-Petersburg Branch of the Pension fund of Russian Federation. In the fall of 2000 the structure of the shareholders has changed. PSCB acquired a strategic partner - financial company "AT-Securities" (license N 002-02074-110000 from 25.01.1999). Viktor Halanskii, well known in the city banker, earlier the CEO of the Central bank main office in St.-Petersburg, became the chairman of the executive committee.
          Address: Furaznii str., 3/2 | Phone: +7 (812) 275-99-75