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Gifts in St. Petersburg
  • "Gift Academy"

  • For the first time in the history of humanity we started scientific, systematic and detailed research of one of the main people's problems - the Problem of Gift. We got scientists, journalists, art specialists, writers, artists and designers to take part in research. Materials concerned different gifting situations are gathered in funds of Gift Academy: recommendations, recipes, advices, examples.
          Adress: Antonenko per., 5 | Phone +7 (812) 110-68-80
  • "AquaBabies"

  • AquaBabies exist in a perfect ecosystem. The tiny fish, aquatic plant, live rocks, and natural water share their habitat in balance and beauty. Here's a picture of a happy three year old AquaBabies family.
          Address: 3rd line of V.O., 38 | Phone +7 (812) 328-66-06
  • "Rostabak"

  • British American Tobacco company has opened the site in France, informs Yahoo! Actualites. This project is called " to explain a position of group on some questions at issue ", is spoken in communique ยภา.
          Address: Moscowskiy pr., 177 | Phone +7 (812) 388-31-12
  • "Solders of fortune"

  • Shop called "Solders of fortune" offers you wide assortment of goods from leading world manufacturers of military clothes, equipment, knives and different types of weapons. Even some unique and exclusive things.
          Address: Nekrasova st., 37 | Phone +7 (812) 279-18-50
  • "Frantsuzkie shtuchki"

  • "Frantsuzkie shtuchki" (French doings) is a cozy store of gifts and interior accessoires. Stylish accessoires, bijouterie ๔๐เํ๖.; costume jewellery, hand-made candles, textile, aromas, fashionable vases, and interior doings creating atmosphere of different ethnic styles. We encourage you to make presents that break usual stereotypes and cause a delight.
          Address: nab. Canala Griboedova, 27 | Phone +7 (812) 314-09-84
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