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Diving in St. Petersburg
  • "Open Sea"

  • We are convinced that diving is not only a scuba diving, elite, not simply an opportunity to see, feel and plunge into the underwater world. First of all diving are people. Cheerful and phlegmatic, skilled and starters, the Instructor and their assistants, men and fine women, captains of courts and providing personnel of the dive-centres, workers of travel companies and guides - submariners. All those people of which there is that we mean under this concept of Diving.
          Address: Ligovskiy pr., 111 | Phone:+7 (812) 320-89-80
  • "White seal"

  • "White seal" club is: aqualang swimming teaching, communication and experiences and impressions preparation for the new trips and of course a good leisure in a spare time.
          Address: Litovskaya st., 3 | Phone: +7 (812) 320-89-80
  • "Golfstream"

  • We will open for you a beautiful world that lies under water. Come and see that every person is able to become a diver.
          Address: Dynamo pr., 44 | Phone:+7 (812) 320-08-81
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