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Advertising Agencies in St. Petersburg
  • "ABS & Advertising Processors"

  • Nikolay Sergeevich Belkov, the designer, a member of the Russian Union of Artists, the author of pictograms for Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow and winner of the Leningrad Komsomol Premium, has organized Personal Creative Workshop "ABC".
          Address: 4 Lahtinskaya st. | Phone: +7 (812) 233-37-02
  • "ART-X"

  • We are willing to offer you the whole spectrum of facilities in the field of producing, mounting of outdoor ads. Specialists in this field will satisfy you with answers to all your questions and will help you to make an optimal decision in advertising of your product.
          Address: Moscow pr., 91 | Phone: +7 (812) 380-43-34
  • "InterAction"

  • Our Universal knowledge and working experience make us the unique service provider in the sphere of advertisement and promotion. We believe that our professional approach, creativity and efficiency, knowledge how put InterAction Marketing ahead of the pack make our approach really quick, modern and effective. Our creative potential will help you to remain competive and gain the advantage over others.
          Address: 14 linia V.O, 31\33 | Phone: +7 (812) 323-83-94
  • "PVG"

  • Leader of the broadside printing in Russia, large format offset prints, cardboard and plastic POS materials, neon lights, high-quality specialists.
          Address: Cherneshevskogo st., 73 | Phone: +7 (812)326-69-99
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