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Massage in St. Petersburg
  • Health Academy of A. Telyayev

  • Massage and other health procedures and treatments.
          Address: Izmaylovskiy pr., 7 | Phone: +7 (812) 251-57-25

  • We offer all types of massage: health, sport, prophylactic, slim, relaxational, punctate, aromatherapy, scrub and etc.
          Address: Бассейн ВМФ Средний проспект, 87. | Phone: +7 (812)
  • Fitness Center Of Hotel Moscow

  • Underwater massage, turkish bath-house, swimming pool, massage, solarium, fitness and a lot of other facilities available at our fitness center.
          Address: Alexander Nevsky Sq., 2, | Phone: +7 (812)
  • Leningrad Palace Of Youth

  • Leningrad Palace Of Youth not only creates all the conditions for comfortable stay in the hotel and conducting of business meeteings but also offers a wide range of active services. Among them exellent massage room.
          Address:Professora Popova str., 47 | Phone: +7 (812) 234-1989, 234-9297      
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