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Art Galleries in St. Petersburg
  • Gallery D137

  • The Gallery of Contemporary Art "D137" was founded in 1996 in St. Petersburg. At first the Gallery arranged exhibitions and different artistic actions. At the time the Gallery is engaging mainly in the exhibition activity. The works of painting, of drawing, of sculpture and the photographs of the well-known modern painters are presented in the show-rooms situated on Nevskiy prospect (avenue).
          Address: Nevsky pr., 90-92 | Phone: +7 (812) 275-60-11
          Website :
  • The Central Exhibition Hall "Manege"

  • One o the greatest architectural sights of historical Russia. Works as exhibition hall from 70s. Now it's a center of art and cultural life of the Northern capital.
          Address: Isaakievskaja square, 1| Phone: +7 (812) 314-82-53
  • Gallery Of The Art Academy

  • Art gallery in the Home Of Russian classical panting, drawing and architecture. Works of sudents and famous gradutes as well are mostly exhibited in it's halls.
          Address :Nalichnaja ul., 21 | Phone: +7 (821) 355-12-74
  • "Qua Vadis"

  • Modern gallery, which is situated in a very center of the city in one of the best internet-cafes of Saint Petersburg.
          Address: Nevskiy pr., 24 | Phone: +7 (821) 311-35-93  
  • Cultural Center "Pushkinskaya-10"

  • The world-famous center of contemporary art, that was founded on the basis of the art-squat located in a famous unhabited building which in Soviet times was occupird by the so-called "unoficial" artist and musicians. A lot of creative activities take place within the basic subsections of the Cultural Center.
          Address: Nevskiy pr., 24 | Phone: +7 (821) 311-35-93
          Website : 
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