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This section of St. Petersburg online travel guide offers detailed information on the best hotels of St. Petersburg. Everybody can find links to famous sights, popular theaters, museums, restaurants, attractions of Russia. Information on the hotel reservation online is available.

New York Hotels
New York Hotels website describes peculiarities of the hotel search in New York, USA. New York hotels differ from each other in a number of stars and correspondently in a range of services they provide their visitors with. There are five-star hotels with luxury services, four-star hotels with beautiful views, three-star hotels which are located in the picturesque districts of the city. On the site you can also find general information about New York city that will be useful not only for travellers, but also for businessmen. New York facts and figures will help you not to get lost in such a big city as New York.
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Helsinki Hotels
Helsinki Hotels website suggests tourists and businessmen top hotels in Helsinki of various categories - five-star, four-star and three-star hotels. Using the suggested vocational rental search our guests can make all necessary rental reservations online: among them the hotel reservation, car rentals, tour reservation can be named. On the site you can also find information on such activities as parks, entertainment centers in Helsinki, which, by the way, are very popular. Moreover, the sights of Helsinki are fully represented. You will not be disappointed if visit Finlandia Hall, Helsinki Cathedral, thd Old Church and other places of interest in Helsinki.
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Ukraine Travel
Ukraine Travel website proposes valuable information on hotels of different classes in Ukraine. A hotel can be booked in Kiev or in any other Ukrainian city. If you want to do it by e-mail, pay attention to information, which should be specified. Such kind of information helps to make your stay in Ukraine as comfortable as possible. A variety of tours around Ukraine gives you a possibility to choose one or several, you like best of all. On the site important information on visa arrangement is given. You are proposed a free visa support, if you book a hotel in Optima Tours.
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Russia Visa
Russia Visa website shows detailed information on Russian visas of different types. General information on visas describes the visa itself, enumerates the types of Russian visas and fully depicts the purpose of them. There are six main types of visa and all of them are fully depicted. On the site you can find information on how to apply for the visa, get to know a list of the required documents, find out some additional visa requirements. Different ways of getting the visa are represented here: you can apply for the visa online or do it by mail. Visa fees will help you to find out the processing time and fees according to the type of the visa you have chosen. Important peculiarities of visa registration process are presented on the site.
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Viptickets Info
Viptickets Info website suggests full information for those, who would like to visit the best theatres and shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg. A list of popular theatres gives you an opportunity to choose what theatre to visit while being in Moscow, or St. Petersburg. An order form, represented on the site, helps to avoid lines in ticket-offices and saves your time, which is money. You should fill in the marked fields, such as the first name, last name, city, theatre, date of a performance, type of tickets, etc. and your tickets will be reserved. Terms and conditions of the online tickets reservation emphasize that all sales are final, no refunds, cancellations or exchanges. Here you can also get information on types of payment and tickets delivery.
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Russia Hotels
Russia Hotels website proposes private travellers and businessmen entire information on hotels in Russia. If you go on business or just travel to any city of Russia, it is out of question that you will be able to reserve a hotel in this city. Moreover, information on room reservation will be important for all travellers. For the convenience of the visitors airline tickets to any city of Russia can also be reserved online. On the site there is a possibility to find out even prices for airline tickets all over Russia. It can be one way or return ticket - it depends on your choice. Here everybody can learn all necessary information on our company, in order to be aware what kind of services we provide our clients with.
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Warsaw Hotels
Warsaw hotels website suggests information on hotels of different categories in Warsaw. Five-star, four-star and three-star hotels in Warsaw provide clients with a large list of services according to the class of a hotel. Here you can find some interesting facts about such attractions in Warsaw as bowling and golf clubs, Hula Kula, tennis and squash. Warsaw museums with their interesting exhibitions, paintings, ancient and medieval art are also represented on the site. Pay attention that Warsaw theatres with a variety of performances they stage, are fully described too. Repertoires include Polish classical and modern works, as well as famous foreign plays. All theatres in Warsaw are worth visiting.
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Moscow City
Moscow city website gives exact information on hotels in Moscow, that you are tired of looking for. Five-star hotels in Moscow with all modern equipment are of the highest level; four-star hotels suggest a wide choice of facilities and professional service; three-star hotels offer affordable prices. It is going without saying that Moscow is famous for its historic attractions. Here you can find information not only about the Kremlin and Red Square, which are the most popular ones, but descriptions of many other places of interest in Moscow. If you are pressed for time, you have a splendid opportunity to reserve train tickets online. All specific features of this process you can find on the site.
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Kiev Info
Kiev Info website suggests entire information on a great variety of hotels, located in the capital of Ukraine. Deluxe hotels represent the standard of luxurious hotels, superior hotels attract visitors by the homelike comfort, rooms at budget hotels are cozy and relaxing. Take into account that all these hotels can be reserved in advance. On the site there is a lot of information about Kiev. It helps you not to get lost in the capital of Ukraine. You will find out much about the Ukrainian holidays and historical events, museums, theatres, parks and gardens of Kiev. To know characteristic features of Ukrainian bank system, credit cards, cash dispensers, traveler`s checks, money transfers will be not only interesting, but also very useful.
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Minsk Hotels
Minsk Hotels website represents all important information on hotels in Minsk for those, who are going to visit this beautiful and ancient city. Hotels in Minsk are very different by location, number and quality of services provided, price, etc. Here you can find information on five-star and four-star hotels in Minsk. Information on sightseeing tours and excursions, accompanied by the guide`s services in Minsk gives you an opportunity to learn many historically interesting places of the city. A list of the travel services among which you are proposed the following: transfers, car renting, guide services, visa arrangement, VIP service, VIP lounge, etc. is rather long. If you don`t know Minsk very well, on the site you can find a destination guide, which helps you to learn quick facts about Belarus, describes main sights, museums, theatres, nightclubs and restaurants of the Belarussian capital.
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Tallinn Hotels
Tallinn Hotels website shows entire information on places, where you can stay visiting Tallinn. A range of hotels in the capital of Estonia, represented on the site, is very wide. It varies from five-star hotels to two-star hotels. Every hotel has its unique characteristic features, but all of them provide their guests with the high-quality service. If you want to choose one or two tours around the capital of Estonia, here you can find all necessary information about them. Historic sights of Tallinn are also fully described. You can as well learn some interesting fact about the museums and art galleries of the city.
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Hotels in Helsinki
Hotels in Helsinki website contains information on hotels in Helsinki. A range of hotels is really wide, so everybody can choose one at his own taste. Hotels in Helsinki are represented by hotels of different categories: five-star, four-star, three-star hotels. Information on the sights of Helsinki will be not only interesting but also cognitive for travellers. On the site you will find out much interesting information on the famous places of interest in Helsinki. For those, who are keen on sports, there are many places of active rest in Helsinki, described on the site. Such activities as billiards and bowling, aqua parks and sport complexes, saunas will for sure attract your attention. Information on Helsinki restaurants helps you to make a right choice what restaurant to go to.
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Riga Hotels
Riga Hotels website gives you all necessary information on where to stay in Riga. A great deal of hotels of different classes represented on the site gives you an opportunity to find one you will like best of all. Here you can also find facts which should be taken into account while choosing a hotel in Riga. The most important of them are a type of the accommodation you need, location of a hotel, range and quality of the services a hotel provides its clients with and so on. On the site you can learn some additional information on travel services provided by Optima Tours. Ways of the hotel reservation are shown here - by e-mail, by fax, by telephone. Information on popular activities in Riga such as flights, horse riding, paintball, billiards, tennis, swimming pools and others makes your wish to visit the city immediately.
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Vilnius Hotels
Vilnius Hotels website presents information on the best hotels in Vilnius. A range of hotels described on the site is amazingly wide. So, you can choose a five-star, four-star, three-star or two-star hotel in Vilnius. It depends on your demands and financial possibilities. Information on sightseeing tours to Vilnius makes you dream about your future trip. Descriptions of architectural and cultural monuments will take your breath away. On the site you can also learn some historic facts about Lithuania, Vilnius, find out some distinctive features of museums, theatres and restaurants of this city.
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Saint Petersburg Apartments
Saint Petersburg Apartments website provides tourists and businessmen with useful information on apartments in the Northern capital of Russia. If you search an apartment in Saint Petersburg pay attention to this site. Here you can find a reservation form that makes the search of a hotel easier and faster. If you need apartments for rent in Saint Petersburg, a list of them is presented on the site. You can choose an apartment with any number of rooms you like. All of them are conveniently located, perfectly designed and have all necessary equipment. Information on the Russian visa support will be useful for foreigners. Going sightseeing around Saint Petersburg will be even more interesting if you learn some facts about Russia beforehand.
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Moscow Hotels
Moscow Hotels website offers businessmen and travellers interesting information on where to stay while visiting Moscow. Pay attention to the fact, that hotels in Moscow are widely represented by five-star, four-star, three-star hotels and apartments. Learning information represented on the site you can find a hotel according to your taste, preferences and financial possibilities. Possibilities of the hotel reservation - a list of reservation methods, forms of payment, information needed for the hotel reservation are also given here. On the site you can also find description of the airline and train ticket reservation which can be done by e-mail, telephone or fax.
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Saint Petersburg Hotels
Saint Petersburg Hotels website offers up-to-date information on hotels in Saint Petersburg. You will get to know characteristic features of hotels of different classes, difficulties in the hotel reservation and all needed information to complete the process of reservation successfully. Great variety of hotels in Saint Petersburg is given on the site. You can choose a hotel among five-star, four-star, three-star hotels or mini-hotels. Each of the enumerated hotels provides a large number of services, seeking to make your rest as pleasant as possible. Detailed description of all modern conveniences helps you to make a right choice. A range of activities in Saint Petersburg is also fully represented. Saunas, fitness, bowling, skiing, windsurfing, billiards will add some new fresh impressions to your trip.
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Visit Russia
Visit Russia website acquaints you with important information every traveller and businessman needs - where to stay while visiting Russia, how to fulfill the visa arrangement successfully, how to make the hotel reservation, how to book tours or airline and train tickets without any problems. A full list of hotels of different categories in various cities of the country is represented on the site. Moreover, you can get a full description of any city you are going to visit. City guide helps you not to get lost in an unknown city. Some facts about history, character of the climate, and advices on sightseeing tours in this city will be very useful for a stranger. You have a possibility to get to know location, geographical coordinates, land boundaries, coast line, climate, natural recourses of Russia.
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Hotels in Moscow
Hotels in Moscow website suggests visitors both interesting and useful information on hotels in Russian capital. Here you can also find some general facts about Russia, its climate, currency, historical sights, museums, theatres and restaurants. A hotel catalogue will be helpful for those who don`t know what hotel to choose. Valuable information on hotels of different categories such as luxury, deluxe, superior, standard and economy, given prices will make your hotel search easier. Find a hotel in Moscow offers visitors a form that gives hand in search of a hotel in Moscow. Of course, a list of popular hotels in Moscow is also given on the site. Visitor information on Moscow includes interesting facts about the capital of Russia, descriptions of the best Moscow restaurants. Travel tips will make your trip full of wonderful impressions and memories.
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Saint Petersburg Hotels
Saint Petersburg Hotels website represents information on hotels in the Northern capital of Russia. It also acquaints you with some facts of the geographical position, climate, cultural life and activities of Saint Petersburg. A choice of hotels in Saint Petersburg represented on the site is very wide. You can find five-star, four-star and three-star hotels. Information on the activities in St. Petersburg will be useful for those who are fond of sports. Billiards and bowling, fitness centers, skiing resorts - a list is long indeed.
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Kiev Hotels
Kiev Hotels website suggests all important information on hotels in Kiev. One of the biggest cities in the world is famous for a variety of hotels of different classes. Kiev hotels are represented by five-star, four-star, three-star and two-star hotels. Information on the reservation terms and conditions will help you to book a hotel in advance. You are proposed some methods of the reservation, terms and forms of payment. Here you can also find necessary information on the cancellation procedure. Among the activities in Kiev given on the site billiards and bowling, sport centers, sauna and bathes can be named. Here you can get information on addresses and opening hours.
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