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City Government in St. Petersburg
  • "Official Portal of the City Government"

  • The government of St. Petersburg is a board body of the City Administration formed to discuss the most important questions of the Administration competence. The Head of the Government is the Governor. The government consists of vice-governors of the city and also the Head of the City Department of the Interior of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.
          Address: St. Petersburg, Smolny | Phone: +7(812) 271-74-13
  • The Urban Planning & Architectural Committee

  • We work in the fields of urban planning and development of new territories and city historical center restoration. The Committee also creates cadastral plans and grants building permits to authorized companies. The majority of our activity is investor support in finding and funding on-going projects.
          Address: 1/3, Zodchego Rossi Street | Phone: +7(812) 315-52-16
  • Finance Committee of St.Petersburg

  • One of the principals of the operation of the Administration of St. Petersburg is openness. All the documents of major importance to the city adopted by the governmental authorities become available to the wide range of residents of St. Petersburg and guests of our city.
          Address: Voznesenskiy pr., 16| Phone: +7(812) 314-5674
  • Commitee for Land Recources and Land Management of Saint-Petersburg

  • Committee for Land resources and Land management of St. Petersburg is territorial branch of State Committee of Russian Federation for Land policy. State Committee of Russian Federation executes interbranch coordination of activities in the sphere of land policy and also functional regulation, including management of a state land cadastre, state cadastral land valuation, land-survey system and state control for land use on the territory of St. Petersburg City.
          Address: 62 Suvorovsky av., | Phone: +7(812) 279-89-67
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