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Russkaya Rybalka

Address Russkaya Rybalka
Phone +7-812-3239813, +7-812-3239814
Types of Cuisine Seafood, Fish
Metro Station Krestovsky Ostrov
Locations Kirov Stadium, Primorsky Park
Average Bill 30-50 USD

From the very beginning Krestovsky Island was a place of elite rest. In the 18th century it belonged to famous Russian noblemen. A.D. Menshikov, B.K. Minich, A.M. Beloselsky-Belozersky were its owners in different periods of time. In the 19th century the island became one of the most popular places where the majority of the festivals were held, the center of which was the Krestovsky Garden. On the territory of the island different recreation centers and attractions for all the social classes were scattered in abundance. In the 21st century, the tradition of the rest in refined setting of Krestovsky Island has been revived. Not so long ago a new restaurant standing on piles above the waters of Yuzhny (Southern) Pond has appeared.
In 1999, a summer cafe Russkaya Rybalka (Russian Fishing) was opened. It enjoyed such a wide popularity that soon it was reconstructed in a restaurant. In 2001, the Russkaya Rybalka Restaurant won two nominations in the prestigious contest "The best restaurant of Saint Petersburg - 2001": the best first class restaurant and the best discovery of the year. There are many restaurants offering fish menu, but this restaurant is really unique - there the guests are offered to fish in the pond a trout, sturgeon, sterlet, beluga or carp. All the necessary fishing-tackles are provided. The experienced assistants help to bait and if you need a good peace of advice tell you the secrets of fishing. The caught fish is cooked at once. According to your will the cook will bake it in a foil, smoke, roast or fry. The chefs of the Russkaya Rybalka carefully keep their professional secrets but it is known that the smoked fish attained special fragrance because it is cooked on the smoking shed from alder-tree. Beside fish dishes the menu includes such traditional Russian dishes as pickling, kulebyaka (pie with vegetables, meat or fish), pirozhki (pasties) with different fillings, young pig stuffed with buckwheat, quails, etc.
The restaurant features three halls seating up to 100 guests and a terrace over the water. Next to the main building there is a Finnish house, where a small company can settle themselves comfortable on bearskins around the open oven and taste the delicacies of Russian cuisine. All the customers mark out warm and cozy atmosphere that reigns in the restaurant. Unusual architecture of the wooden building, refined interior, wonderful view out of the window, soft light, professional and friendly staff - maybe these are the secrets of the special charm of the restaurant.
For children there is an equipped room, where kids will meet the characters of favorite fairytales and cartoons. There they can play, dance, draw and even sing without disturbing the grown-ups. Just recently a special playground for children with a fairy fortress and a slide has been built.
Whether you want to dine with friends or with your family, meet your business partners, spent a romantic evening, organize a banquet or corporative party the Russkaya Rybalka Restaurant provides the ideal setting.
The honorable guests of the Russkaya Rybalka were Vladimir Putin, Jacques Chirac, Vladimir Yakovlev, Alexander Pochinok and many Russian famous actors and singers.
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