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fast food

Address Svetlanovsky Pr., 60
Phone (812) 557-0350
Types of Cuisine Russian, Fastfood
Metro Station Grazhdansky Prospect
Average Bill Under 10 USD

This fast food restaurant has appeared in Saint Petersburg not so long ago but has already enjoyed wide popularity that can be compared to McDonalds'. The project of Russian fast food restaurant chain was developed by Concord Company, one of the leading companies in Saint Petersburg restaurant business. It establishes new restaurants, provides necessary equipment and manages restaurants. Such restaurants as the Russian Kitsch, Stroganoff Yard, Old Custom House and the restaurant-ship New Island have been designed and supervised by this company. According to the bold plans more than 30 fast food restaurants are to appear in Saint Petersburg and its suburbs in the near future. They will be situated mainly in bedroom suburbs while the restaurants are aimed at people with mean income, who prefer to have a tasty dinner, quick and reasonably priced, rather than enjoy a full dinner menu in luxurious restaurants. Daily about 3-5 thousand people are supposed to visit these restaurants.
The restaurants are designed according to one scheme: main dining hall, beer hall and children room. As architects see it, the restaurants BlinDonalts will be housed in modern cylindrical buildings of glass and steel while the form of the circle is not only determined by the name of the restaurant but also ideally blends with the cityscape.
The BlinDonalts have been meant as an ideal place for family rest. A lot has been done for children to enjoy being there. In any BlinDonalts restaurant there is a children room with all kinds of entertainments including a great number of playing machines, numerous attractions and roundabouts, many of which are free of charge. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with the favorite characters of Russian fairy tales. You are welcomed to organize any children party within the precincts of the restaurant.
The BlinDonalts restaurants work on the same principles as all the fast food restaurants - tasty, quick and cheap food. But the international principles are combined with the national specific - instead of hot dogs the guests are offered pancakes with sour cream. The approximate price of the dinner is about 20-40 rubles, which is about 1 Euro. The menu is comprised of the tastiest dishes that have acquired the world popularity: Russian jellied meat, borsch, pelmeni, cutlets, etc. And the menu is especially rich in the variations of the dish stated in the name of the restaurant: bliny with meat, mushrooms, cabbage, cheese, ham or sweet bliny with jam, honey, cherry etc. The average price of bliny with filling is 12 rubles. After an extensive dinner drink Russian kvass or cold cranberry fruit drink.
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