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Traveling Bag for a Pregnant Spy

Address Bolshaya Konyushennaya St., 13
Phone +7-812-3117817
Types of Cuisine European, International
Metro Station Nevsky Prospect, Gostiny Dvor
Locations Savior-on-the-Blood, Kazan Cathedral, Palace Square, Hermitage, Nevsky Prospect
Average Bill 30-50 USD

The Traveling Bag for a Pregnant Spy is not only a restaurant, but also a club, a museum and a theatre. If you want to dine in a refined setting you definitely shouldn't visit this restaurant. There the dinner will turn into a small performance with a lot of decorations and characters.
From the point of view of design the restaurant can be reckoned as the most extremely decorated establishment in the city. The basis of design conception was an "epatage and having fun". There you'll find a mixture of the aesthetics of the 30s, movie characters and the realization of weirdest fantasies. By the way, the interior of the restaurant has been awarded more than once and was included in the top list of the best interior restaurants in Russia.
On the ground floor a dining hall with a bar counter and few tables is located. From the numerous details of the interior the bas-relief of the Sherlock Holmes defending himself by shooting and the giant bomb ominously sticking out from the wall are striking. Under the ceiling the skeleton of fascist parachutist entangled in the slings is soaring. In the middle of the hall there is a coffin standing on the frames of Zinger sewing machine. The most meticulous guests can recognize in decomposed remains the king of all the vampires Mr Dracula. The barmen sometimes press the secret button and the corpse starts behaving outrageously - moving, winking at the guests and producing quite strange sounds.
Go upstairs and admire the naked woman ass sticking from the wall. On the first floor, you'll find three dining halls and a cozy torture chamber room with fetters, shackles, different torture instruments and the medieval gynecological chair the restaurant is especially proud of. Lackey-dwarfs dressed in policemen uniform are always ready to taunt everybody willing. The most courageous ones can order the romantics dinner for two in the salon of tortures and spend an unforgettable evening there. The walls of the hall decorated in oriental style are adorned with the illustrations from Kamasutra, pictures of male and female genital organs and naked women in quite alluring poses. Besides there is a knight hall and a hall-cave with low ceilings, stalactites, stalagmites and a pool.
Each table is of individual design. For example, military table, on which the model of a battle with exploded tanks, killed soldiers, trenches and even original shells is reconstructed. Those who dream of becoming a professional executioner can order a table with blood-stained executioner-block in the middle. In the 30s original-time car there is also a small table. Sitting there is not so comfortable but you can turn the steering wheel and check whether there is anything interesting left in the glove compartment.
Sometimes you can meet the pregnant spy in person strolling around the restaurant. Dressed in old-style clothes with a lot of padding to look pregnant she takes a seat near guests and makes conversation with them. After her visit you can find a note on your table with her forecast of your bleak future (something like Chinese fortune-telling). In the evenings if you are not nervous and supersensitive you are welcomed at the theatrical performances, striptease and freak concerts.
The main merit of the restaurant is its design, idea, mood, not its cuisine that is also quite good. The portions are big, the dishes are tasty, and the prices are reasonable. But you'll make sure of it only if you stand reading the "tempting" menu where each dish is described in a peculiar way. The owners have added such comments like "milk and cucumbers won't stay too long in your ass" (about the vegetable salad with sour cream) or "flyblown thigh of a cow died of rabies" (about the baked beef) to help you in making choice.
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