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Address Nevsky Pr., 22
Phone +7-812-3259906
Types of Cuisine European
Metro Station Nevsky Prospect
Locations Palace Square, Hermitage, Admiralty, Stroganov Palace
Average Bill 30-50 USD

Those who like novels about knights will appreciate the interiors of the Camelot Restaurant. The story goes that the castle of brave king Arthur, the ruler of Britain, was called Camelot. It was the place of amazing feasts and balls, dedicated to the victories of the noble knights and beauty of their ladies.
The Camelot Restaurant, located in the center of Saint Petersburg, on the crossroad of Nevsky Prospect and Bolshaya Konushennaya Street, features the atmosphere of the Lancelot and Persifal epoch. The wax figure of the King Arthur, Golden and Silver Knights that meet the guests at the entrance, a fireplace topped with a hunter's trophy, as well as other interior details create a special environment and remind of the stories about brave knights and their deeds we were told in our childhood. Thanks to gothic style furniture, stained glass windows, coat of arms you will definitely believe that you found yourself in a king's old castle.
All the dishes featured in the menu of the Camelot Restaurant have something to do with the knights' thematic. A rare gourmet will not be seduced by such impressive appetizers as "Sister Teresa's Tenderness", "Beauty of Magrib Belles" or "The Ball of the Sea Queen". In the Camelot Restaurant you will be offered an extensive choice of meat and fish dishes such as fish course "The Scepter of Sea Kings", farced pork "The Temptation of Saint Hubert", deer's filet "the Grand Royal Hunt", and other dishes. Finally, the desserts of the restaurant are prepared to please the beautiful ladies: a fruit salad "the Cup of a Winner" or a muss "Princess Delia's Dreams" will be a deserving finishing of the repast in the castle of King Arthur.
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