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Address Bolshoi Pr. (Petrogradskaya Side), 14
Phone +7-812-2356456
Types of Cuisine Georgian
Metro Station Sportivnaya
Locations Botanical Garden, Jubileiny Sports Complex, Petrovsky Stadium
Average Bill 20-30 USD

If you visit the Pirosmani Restaurant situated on Petrogradskaya Side, you'll discover the oasis of Georgian culture in the center of Saint Petersburg.
The cozy interior is conventionalized Old Tbilisi. Stained glass window, intricately refracting the sunlight, wattle and daub houses, street lamps, water cascades and real ponds create unique atmosphere that is unmatched in Saint Petersburg. The walls are adorned with the copies of the works by great Pirosmani, self-taught painter, who is ranked among the best world masters of naive art and is considered to be the greatest Georgian painter of the 20th century.
The restaurant features two dining halls: main and banquet. In the main hall the guests are offered traditional tables, private cabins for 6 and 10 persons, and even two rafts, providing enough space for the company of four.
You are welcomed to organize a banquet at Pirosmani Restaurant. In the special banquet hall, seating up to 40 persons, the tables will be arranged according to your will: there can be several separate tables for six or one big table for all the guests as it is customary in Georgian culture.
The menu of the restaurant can cater for the most refined tastes. Different salads, traditional dishes from eggplants and haricot, harcho soup, roasted beef and pork with spicery, shashlyk - these are only few dishes from the offered extensive menu. Georgian cuisine is famous for the abundant use of sauces that fundamentally differ from European both in ingredients and the way of cooking. The restaurant offers such sauce as satzivi, satzibeli, tkemali and others. It should be mentioned that the chef cooking all these mouthwatering dishes is from Tbilisi and has mastered to perfection all the refinements of the complicated Georgian cuisine. The lavish menu is accomplished by wonderful wine list, where you'll find Armenian and Georgian cognacs, famous Georgian wines like Kvareli, Saperavi, Kindzmarauli, Tsinndali, Khvanchkara, and Tvishi as well as different sorts of vodka, whiskey, liqueur, martini, champagne and other drinks supposed to be included in the wine list of the restaurant of such rank.
Wonderful cuisine, rough Georgian wines, unusual interior and Caucasian hospitality - all these pleasant memories you and your guests will bring away after having visited the Pirosmani Restaurant.

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